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Fine Artist / Applied Design are phrases Rachel O’Neill uses on her website (click here) and it’s the perfect way to describe her limited edition pieces.  Her designs are a wonderfully playful mix of tactile materials used to create objects that have fluidity and often an amorphous visual quality.

I met this Northern Irish designer at this year’s ICFF NY design event and was totally taken by the material she uses to create decorative lighting, wall coverings, and chandeliers (not to mention body adornments).  Velcro!  Yes that’s right Velcro!  She has a deep-rooted craft heritage and loves working with her hands to transform heavy-duty industrial textiles and fabrics into beautiful objects for commissioned works of art and design pieces or (I was told) affordable design products.

Sorry we don’t have any price points at this point (or where-to-buy info for this artist’s work, but click here to contact her for order inquiries).  Let’s take a look at a few of her creations:

Design ChandelierDesign Chadelier

Interior Designed Commissioned Piece

I love the way the light illuminates against the ceiling.  This chandelier provides a modern/contemporary twist to the room that has a great deal of “Neoclassical” interior design elements.  Personally, I love to mix styles of furnishings to a room it makes the space much more interesting.

Commissioned Commercial Space

 Look closer it is velcro!


Rachel’s collections involves various layers of processing such as steaming and boiling the velcro to produce vibrant colors and sparkling metallic finishes.  She has created massive installations for Peugeot’s Flagship showroom in both Paris and Berlin, and also produced pieces for Bergdorf Goodman in New York.  She traveled the world working with an international client base creating commissioned work for private homes, commercial venues, restaurants and galleries.

Keep an eye out for Rachel O’Neill’s work here in the US.  She has recently been commissioned to work with Hallworth Design Studio, which has an A-list Hollywood clientele to create unique pieces and installations for the home.  So, stay tuned-in!  Your eye on design!




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  1. John says:

    Wow this designer is really great! Very talented! All of this is made of velcro – wow! Wondering if she only does commissioned work? That red chandelier at top is simply amazing!

  2. Raymond says:

    I really love this work. I would be honored to have a piece in my home. I cannot believe that these creations were made of Velcro. Please continue to show such talented artists like you have been doing with your blog. Thank you!

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